PROJECT – The Revenue Watch Institute

Banyan has been asked by the Revenue Watch Institute to support a technical assistance project to the government of Guinea (Conakry). The project focuses on reforms to the mining sector designed to promote good governance, compliance with the law, and an equitable sharing of benefits. 

We are looking to build a team of up to four students to support a multi-stakeholder committee in analysing the award of existing mining contracts. This will involve analysis and summaries of key terms of mining contracts; and in depth research into mining companies. Depending on the outcome of the work, there is scope for students to continue to work with RWI to develop contributions to the committee.

Competencies: Strong French reading and writing skills; legal analysis skills; basic knowledge of the mining sector and/or tax would be preferred

Commitments: Work has begun; if you can begin work before the end of August it would be a plus, but not essential. You will need to commit at least a total of 20 hours before the end of September.

Deadline: Applications taken on a rolling basis.

Application: If you’re interested in working on this project, please email us at with details of your availability and hours you can commit; please also attach a CV that includes information on your knowledge of French, legal analysis and mining and/or tax law.


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