PROJECT: The Aegis Trust


We will let you know if and when more people are required 

In brief: Banyan has been asked by the Aegis Trust to work on a project focused on Sudan and the ICC indictments as a case study to explore and provide recommendations as to what new or existing international structures or mechanisms are required to improve the implementation of international justice in relation to Sudan and the broader context of the African Union, ICC and individual states.

The final document produced will be a research report divided into thematic chapters including a literature review and and providing a chronology or summary of relevant international law, domestic legislation and decision making process (and policy positions of states) regarding Sudan and the ICC. Further information on the content of the report will be given to those on the project.

Aegis will consider publishing the report and will use the report to formulate policy recommendations for global advocacy and advocacy targeted at the UK government.
We are looking to build a team of 3 or 4 students to work on this project.

Competencies: Knowledge of international law, particularly international criminal law, human rights law and UN institutions.

Commitments: 15hrs per week over the course of 10 weeks. A draft report is to be completed by mid-January with a final report produced by mid-February. The Aegis trust will use the report for advocacy purposes from March 2013 onwards.
This comes down to an estimated 5hrs per student per week. (Please note that estimations can vary and that it also depends on your input and involvement on the project)

Deadline: As soon as possible. Please email us at with details of your availability and hours you can commit; please also attach a CV that includes information on your knowledge of the competencies, as cited above. A ‘point of contact’ will be assigned based on competence and experience to co-ordinate the work. Quality control will be assured by Jo Henderson at the Aegis trust. 

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