PROJECT: African Centre for Justice and Peace


We will let you know if and when more people are required 

In brief: Banyan has been asked by the Lutz Oette, a lecturer in human rights law, to work on a project in collaboration with the African Centre for Justice and Peace. The project is focused on Sudan.

The project will require editing, researching and re-writing a major report on prisons and human rights in Sudan, to be published by the African Centre for Justice and Peace Studies, probably in collaboration with REDRESS.

We are looking for 1 student to work on this project.

Student will be credited in report and there is a possibility of further research engagement with ACJPS.

Competencies: sound knowledge of applicable human rights law and good drafting skills; knowledge of human rights situation in Sudan desirable but not essential

Commitments: 5-10 hours per week depending on availability, with the initial draft for 11 January 2013 and the revised draft to be completed by 25 January 2013

Deadline: As soon as possible. Please email us at before December 5th with details of your availability and hours you can commit; please also attach a CV that includes information on your knowledge of the competencies, as cited above. 

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