PROJECT: Corporate Responsibility Coalition – Post-Kiobel research


We will let you know if and when more people are required 

In brief : The Corporate Responsibility Coalition (CORE, is seeking 2 to 3 volunteers to work on a public interest corporate accountability project that involves issues of international human rights law and information law.

The project concerns Kiobel v Shell, the recently decided US Supreme Court case in which the plaintiffs alleged Shell’s involvement in crimes against humanity and human rights abuses in Nigeria during the 1990s. The Kiobel decision on 17 April 2013 will have a dramatic impact on access to justice, effectively preventing victims of international human rights abuses from suing foreign perpetrators in the US.

In 2012, the UK and Dutch governments submitted 2 amicus briefs to the Supreme Court seeking to limit US extraterritorial jurisdiction and support Shell’s arguments. This runs counter to the UK’s stated commitments to corporate accountability and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

To further investigate the UK government’s intervention, CORE requested government documents concerning the Kiobel case under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. The government has in large part refused these requests.

Our task is to build a strong case for disclosure: develop compelling arguments and muster evidence to persuade the Information Commissioner, and failing that, the Information Rights Tribunal, that this information should be disclosed. You will be working with an experienced campaigner from CORE and a pro bono legal advisor who will coordinate the project.

Commitment: On average, 5 hours per week. This may fluctuate both up and down as the case progresses. Usually, complaints to the Information Commissioner can take at least 10 weeks, and tribunal appeals 6 months from start to finish. However, the timescale may be longer in this case due to its complexity. Our preference would be for students who are able to commit to 6 months or more, though we will be able to accommodate shorter periods.

Deadline: As soon as possible. Please email us at your availability and interest in the project. Please also attach a CV.

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