PROJECT: Death Penalty in Pakistan – Reprieve – end of Moratorium Project

In brief : Reprieve (  is seeking 3 to 4 volunteers to work on a project aimed at delaying the resumption of executions in Pakistan following the end of the moratorium which has previously prevented executions taking place .

On June 30th this year, the Pakistan government announced the end of a moratorium on executions that has been in place for the past five years. The moratorium was issued by President Zardari with the support of the then government, led by the Pakistan People’s Party which opposes the death penalty. The Ministry of the Interior issues statements saying that the new government headed by Nawaz Sharif and the Pakistan Muslim League is keen to resume executions at the earliest possible opportunity. At least 5 executions have now been scheduled for the end of August, although President Zardari has indicated that any stays of execution requested before he leaves office on September 9th will now be granted.

Reprieve and its partner organisation, the Justice Project Pakistan, are working to try and delay the resumption of executions for as long as possible by taking on individual cases with scheduled executions, filing strategic litigation on issues including death row phenomenon, and engaging foreign governments in lobbying the government of Pakistan to encourage them to put the moratorium back in place.

Reprieve requires support with legal research to support the cases it is planning to litigate – specifically research into international norms, and  UK and Indian law, which are of persuasive force in Pakistan. Advocacy assistance (non-legal) is also needed to help identify and reach out to potential stakeholders who might be able to lobby the new government of Pakistan and encourage them to reinstate the moratorium.

Commitment: On average, 5-10 hours per week. This may fluctuate both up and down.

Deadline: As soon as possible. Please email us at detailing your availability and interest in the project. Please also attach a CV.

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