PROJECT: Refugee Status Determination in Tunisia – Fahamu Refugee Project

Dear All,
Please see below an exciting new project.


We will let you know if and when more people are required

In brief: The Fahamu Refugee Project ( is seeking 3 to 6 volunteers to work on a project that aims to support the remaining refugees from the former Choucha Refugee Camp in Southern Tunisia – particularly the approximately 300 refugees who have been refused refugee status on appeal by UNHCR and whose files are officially ‘closed’.

Beginning in March 2011, more than 200,000 non-Libyans sought sanctuary in Tunisia. The vast majority of these returned to their countries of origin and more than 3,000 have been resettled in third countries. There were around 300 refugees who had had their claims and appeals rejected and were subject to a policy of starvation, intimidation and alienation. Although the camp has now closed, the majority of those rejected are still living there in the same tents. They mainly come from Sub-Saharan Africa – including Sudan, Darfur, Southern Sudan, Chad, Côte d’Ivoire, and Ghana.

The rejected refugees argue that they were rejected unjustly – they say that they are true refugees and fear persecution and death were they to return to their countries of origin. Fahamu Refugee Project’s limited research bears out their claims. Furthermore, there is evidence of grave deficiencies in UNHCR’s process of RSD adjudication at Choucha.

Fahamu Refugee Project requires support with legal research to get UNHCR to re-open all the files of the rejected refugees who are still at Choucha and to trace the management of the refugees from Libya to the closing of the camp – thereby making a contribution to protecting the lives of future rejected asylum seekers. There may also be the possibility for students to take additional testimonies from failed asylum seekers still at Choucha.

Commitment: On average, 5-10 hours per week. This may vary depending on size of the team working on project.

Fluency in Arabic and French, an advantage, as well as other sub-Saharan languages (from Tigrinya to Malinké and Tamashaq, etc.)

Deadlines: Deadline for completing Legal Framework for existing testimonies: 30 November 2013;

Deadline for taking further testimonies and presenting written up results with legal arguments to UNHCR: 31 March 2014.

Deadline for completion of academic report: 31 March 2014.

Please email us at detailing your availability and interest in the project. Please also attach a CV.

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