2014 – 2015 : A period of transition

Banyan: SOAS Advocates has been run by Jess, Deval and myself for almost three years (without forgetting Matthew and Hayley’s valuable contributions last year of course!). With Jess and I graduating in 2012 and Deval working on his PhD, we have been accommodating Banyan as best we can and running it as effectively as possible whilst also pursuing our own fields of interest. This has included Jess moving to Manchester, Deval to the USA and a brief stint for me in Ghana. As such, we are currently in a period of transition –  we want Banyan to be run in the best possible way for all stakeholders and this transition and re-think will allow that.

Never fear though, this is just a transition, not a pause or a full-stop. During the summer, many students contacted us interested in the opportunities provided by Banyan – we know there is interest and we have proved we have a system that works. As such, we are still aiming to get out projects and get any new students at SOAS involved during this period. The ultimate aim is to recruit a more permanent SOAS-based coordinator who could run Banyan day-to-day and get projects in more regularly.

Demonstrating the good work Banyan does and will continue to do, on the 7th October 2014, the High Court in London ruled that Prince Nasser of Bahrain is not immune from prosecution over torture claims. This ruling would not have occurred with the diligent work of students brought into the project through Banyan and Deighton Pierce Glynn.

We will be in touch with news and projects soon. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions, comments or potential projects.

All the best,


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